Electricity Bill Relief in Pakistan

How to Get Rs3,000 to Rs13,000 Electricity Bill Relief in Pakistan

Thousands of Pakistanis have been protesting against the recent increase in electricity prices, prompting the caretaker government to announce a relief package.

Pakistan to Provide Electricity Bill Relief to Consumers in October

The government has said it will provide relief of Rs3,000 to consumers using up to 300 units in October’s electricity bills. Consumers with electricity bills up to Rs70,000 will also get a reduction of Rs13,000 in their accounts.

The relief package is expected to be implemented in October when there is a decline in electricity consumption due to the change in weather. The government has shared a plan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has asked for more data from the Power Division before making a final decision.

The protests against the high electricity prices have been going on for over a week, with people in various cities blocking roads and burning bills. The caretaker government has assured the people that it is working to provide relief and that the IMF is also aware of the situation.

The government is hoping that the relief package will help to calm the protests and restore normalcy.

When People Will Get Relief?

In October 2023, when the weather changes and people use less electricity, the government is supposed to give people a break.