Breaking News Pakistan Deploys Army to Support Palestine During Israel-Gaza Conflict

Breaking News: Pakistan Deploys Army to Support Palestine During Israel-Gaza Conflict

Pakistan was one of the first nations to call for a ceasefire and urged the global community to intervene during the Israel-Gaza conflict, especially as the death toll continued to rise. However, there were some misleading reports that incorrectly quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the alleged threat posed by Pakistan.

In response to these rumors, Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch clarified Pakistan’s position. She emphasized the country’s unwavering commitment to the Palestinian cause but dismissed the reports suggesting Pakistan was considering sending armed forces to Palestine.

During a weekly press briefing, Baloch made it abundantly clear that Pakistan had no intentions of deploying forces to Palestine. Islamabad remained steadfast in its support for the Palestinian people, advocating strongly for their rights and dignity throughout the Gaza crisis.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson expressed Pakistan’s earnest desire for peace in the Middle East. Islamabad was dedicated to fostering stability and harmony in the region.

In a meeting of corps commanders, the Pakistan Army Chief reiterated the nation’s commitment to support the Palestinians in their struggle to end the unlawful occupation of their territories. An official statement from ISPR reaffirmed that the Palestinian people had the unwavering diplomatic, moral, and political support of the Pakistani nation. Pakistan was resolute in supporting its Palestinian brethren for a lasting resolution of the Palestinian issue and an end to the unlawful occupation of their territories and sacred places.

Previously, Pakistan had shown solidarity with Palestine by sending a special plane loaded with vital humanitarian aid. Pakistani officials also reiterated their call for an immediate halt to Israeli bombardments in Gaza and the lifting of restrictions that had strangled the region. This was a clear testament to Pakistan’s commitment to peace and justice in the Middle East.