Aliza Sahar commit failed suicide attempt

Pakistani YouTuber and TikTok sensation, Aliza Sahar, found herself at the center of a distressing cyberbullying incident. This social media influencer, known for her YouTube Vlogs and TikTok videos, shocked the online community when reports of her suicide attempt surfaced. It’s important to note that there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding whether it was a suicide attempt or not.

Numerous media outlets have reported that Aliza Sahar is currently in critical condition following her apparent suicide attempt and is in need of our prayers. She took this drastic step after a private video call of hers was leaked by an unidentified individual who has yet to be identified and held accountable for their actions.

One user on Platform X even wrote, “Aliza Sehar has attempted self-harm, and she is now in a critical condition, admitted to the hospital. Please refrain from sharing her leaked video or pictures.” This incident has certainly raised concerns about online privacy and the well-being of social media personalities like Aliza Sahar

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