Aliza Sehar Vlogs Reacts to Leaked Video

Pakistani TikTokers and digital creators are grappling with a growing privacy breach issue, and the latest personality to get entangled in this controversy is none other than the renowned YouTuber, Aliza Sehar.

Aliza Sehar, a well-known figure in the local content creation scene with a massive following of over a million, recently found herself at the center of a storm on the internet, landing in the trending section. After her personal video was leaked, she decided to take a stand and reveal the identity of the person responsible for sharing her intimate footage online.

In a heartfelt and emotional video, Aliza Sehar disclosed vital information about the individual who leaked her private video, which had been cropped from a recorded video call. She couldn’t hide her tears but remained composed while sharing her story. Aliza confirmed that she sought assistance from the Cybercrime division of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Remarkably, FIA officials managed to trace the origins of the video to Qatar.

According to Aliza, the alleged culprit is currently residing in Okara. During FIA’s questioning, the accused individual asserted that he had edited the clip but denied sharing it online.

Aliza also expressed her gratitude towards the supportive Cybercrime unit, emphasizing their unwavering assistance throughout the entire ordeal. Additionally, she refuted the unverified reports suggesting that she was contemplating suicide.

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