YouTuber Aliza Sahar Viral Video Watch Now

YouTuber Aliza Sahar Viral Video: Watch Now

Aliza Sahar is a well-known social media star hailing from Pakistan, with an impressive fan base of over one million subscribers on both YouTube and TikTok. What makes her stand out is her straightforward and engaging content that revolves around the rustic charm of village life, her culinary expertise, and her intriguing cultural insights.

However, recently, she found herself in the midst of a heated controversy due to a video call that went viral. In this video, she’s seen in a video call with someone who seemingly recorded the interaction using a mobile device. During the call, the other person made a request that involved exposing herself, which led to her briefly lifting her shirt to reveal herself.

As of now, Aliza has not yet addressed the authenticity of this video or commented on the situation.