Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships

Fully Funded Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships in Germany 2024: Your Path to Academic Excellence

Funding Type Fully funded
DeadlineOctober 1, 2023

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is offering fully funded Ph.D. scholarships to international students from all disciplines and all higher education institutes and universities. Scholarships are available to students who are committed to democratic socialism and its values, and who have a strong academic record and a clear research proposal.

Benefits of the Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships:

Check out the financial benefits of fully funded Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung scholarships in Germany before you fill out the application. Opportunities Circle has listed the benefits of German scholarships for international students in 2024 below.

1Each month, candidates will get a grant of 1,350 euros.
2A 100 EUR allowance for moving around.
3Healthcare subsidies will also be given to those who need them.
4chance to see what international research labs are like.
5During their PhD programs, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation will help international students.
6It’s a great chance to get a PhD in Germany without having to pay a dime.
7Learn about Germany and the culture of Europe.

If you are considering pursuing a PhD scholarship in Germany, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Application requirements: PhD scholarships in Germany have different application requirements. It is important to carefully read the requirements for each scholarship you are interested in.
  • Timelines: PhD scholarships in Germany have different deadlines. It is important to apply early to avoid missing the deadline.
  • Language requirements: Some PhD scholarships in Germany require applicants to have a good command of the German language. If you do not have a good command of German, you may want to consider a scholarship that does not require German language skills.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a political and educational group that helps international students get a doctorate or do doctoral research in Germany by giving them scholarships. The Stiftung gives scholarships to try to even out social, political, and gender discrimination in society. To do this, they give preference to applications from women, students from non-academic or migrant backgrounds, people from low-income backgrounds, and people with disabilities who have similar achievements and dedication.

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Foundation is a transnational alternative policy group and academic institution based in Germany. It is linked to the Democratic Socialist Party. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s goal is to work with what it sees as a diverse, progressive, and global society and help it build its ability to change. Doctoral students in the fields of science and technology are strongly encouraged to apply for the fully funded Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships in Germany in 2024.

Germany is thought to be one of the best places in the world for professionals to work because it has so many job opportunities in different fields. The biggest companies in the world highly value German graduates because of their reputation for creativity, technological advancement, and strong work ethics. Overall, Germany scholarships give students access to world-class academic resources, financial aid, and many job opportunities in one of the world’s most prosperous and innovative countries.

Eligibility Criteria for the Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships:

Do you also want to apply for the PhD scholarship in Germany that pays for everything? If so, don’t pass up this chance! But before you go any further, make sure you know what the Rosa Luxemburg PhD scholarships are looking for and what they require.

  • Candidates from all over the world are welcome to apply.
  • Candidates must have been accepted into a doctoral program at a state-recognized higher education institution in Germany.
  • The candidates must show that they can speak German at a B2-level.
  • High levels of education and work experience

Application Process for Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships in Germany:

  • To apply for the Rosa Luxemburg Scholarships in Germany, please click the “Apply Now” button below.
  • To get the scholarship, you need to read all about how the program works.
  • Before you sign up, check the criteria, terms, and conditions.
  • All of the students must fill out an application online.
  • Fill out the form carefully and with the correct information.
  • You can’t go back to the portal after you’ve sent in your application. Then, people talk to each other through email.
  • Applicants will get a confirmation email once their applications have been sent.
  • Before the deadline, applications must be sent in.
  • By October 1, 2023, recipients of Rosa Luxemburg PhD Scholarships must submit their applications.