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Apply Online for Ministry of National Health Services NHSRC Jobs 

Are you on the lookout for an exciting career opportunity in the heart of Pakistan’s capital? Look no further than the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & Coordination (NHSRC) in Islamabad. The year 2023 brings with it a host of job openings that cater to diverse skills and qualifications. Join us in this endeavor to enhance the nation’s health and well-being, while securing a promising future for yourself.

Posted Date:14 August 2023
Job Location:Islamabad
Job Type:Full Time
Experience:1-5 years
Last Date:28 August 202

Communication Officer

Are you a wordsmith with a flair for effective communication? The role of a Communication Officer at NHSRC involves conveying critical health information to the masses.

Assistant Director

Lead, innovate, and make an impact as an Assistant Director at NHSRC. Your managerial skills will play a pivotal role in driving the organization’s success.


If you have a passion for disease control and prevention, the position of Epidemiologist will allow you to contribute significantly to public health.

Director IT

Lead the digital transformation of healthcare services as the Director of IT. Your expertise will shape the future of health technology.

Molecular Biologist

Dive into the world of genetics and cellular research as a Molecular Biologist. Your work will contribute to groundbreaking advancements in medical science.

SSO Quantitative Research

For those inclined towards data analysis and statistics, the role of SSO Quantitative Research offers an opportunity to drive evidence-based decision-making.

Manager Administration

Efficiently manage the administrative operations of NHSRC, ensuring a smooth workflow and contributing to the organization’s efficiency.


Every role matters at NHSRC, including the vital task of ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace.

Environmental Officer

Play a crucial role in promoting environmental health and sustainability as an Environmental Officer.

Procurement Officer

Procurement Officers facilitate the acquisition of essential resources, contributing to the seamless functioning of NHSRC.

Health Education Officer

Educate and empower the community about health and wellness as a Health Education Officer.

Laboratory Coordinator

Manage and oversee laboratory operations, supporting medical research and diagnostics.


Your role as a Janitor is essential in maintaining a safe and clean environment for all at NHSRC.

Medical Entomologist

Contribute to the control of vector-borne diseases by studying insects as a Medical Entomologist.

Data Processing Assistant

Handle and analyze data with precision, aiding in the generation of valuable insights.

Server Administrator

Keep NHSRC’s digital infrastructure running smoothly by overseeing server operations.

Program Head

Lead and manage specific health programs, driving impactful initiatives for the betterment of society.


Ensure cleanliness and tidiness, playing a crucial role in the overall well-being of NHSRC.

IT Officer

As an IT Officer, contribute your technical expertise to support various digital initiatives.

Finance Manager

Manage financial operations and budgets, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Naib Qasid

Even the smallest roles contribute to the bigger picture. Join as a Naib Qasid and be part of NHSRC’s journey.

Finance Officer

Support financial processes and transactions, contributing to the financial health of the organization.

Quantitative Research Officer

Analyze data and trends, assisting in evidence-based decision-making.

Medical Epidemiologist

Study patterns of diseases and contribute to health interventions as a Medical Epidemiologist.

Laboratory Technician

Operate and maintain laboratory equipment, supporting medical research and diagnostics.

Software Engineer

Shape the digital landscape of healthcare by developing innovative software solutions.

Laboratory Technologist

Conduct laboratory tests and analyses, playing a vital role in patient care and research.

Procurement Manager

Oversee procurement strategies and operations, ensuring seamless access to necessary resources.


Study microorganisms and contribute to disease control and medical advancements as a Microbiologist.

Surveillance Officer

Monitor health trends and ensure timely interventions as a Surveillance Officer.

Manager Statistics and Microbiologist

Combine statistical analysis with microbiological expertise to drive informed health decisions.

Requirements and Benefits

Individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, including Ph.D., Master’s, MBBS, Bachelor’s, and MPhil degrees, are encouraged to apply. At NHSRC, we value talent and dedication, and we provide ample opportunities for growth and development within a dynamic work environment. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare in Pakistan.

How to Apply

To be a part of this prestigious organization, submit your applications by August 28, 2023, or as specified in the newspaper ad. Visit our official website to access the complete job advertisement and application process. Make your mark in the field of health and contribute to the well-being of the nation.

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