IshQ Murshid Drama cast, timing, storyline

IshQ Murshid Drama: cast, timing, storyline

Ishq Murshid Drama Storyline

Ishq Murshid is a Pakistani drama series about a wealthy young man, Shahmeer Sikandar (Bilal Abbas Khan), who falls in love with a headstrong and intelligent girl, Shibra Salman (Dur-e-Fishan Saleem), from a middle-class family.

Shahmeer disguises himself as a poor man and starts working at Shibra’s father’s office to get close to her. Shibra is initially drawn to Shahmeer’s kindness and compassion, but she’s also suspicious of his sudden appearance and motives.

As they spend more time together, Shibra falls in love with Shahmeer. But their relationship faces challenges from Shahmeer’s ruthless businessman father, Dawood (Omair Rana), who wants Shahmeer to marry into a wealthy family, and Shibra’s family, who’s hesitant to accept Shahmeer because of his social status.

Despite the obstacles, Shahmeer and Shibra’s love for each other grows stronger, and they’re determined to be together.

Ishq Murshid is a heartwarming and inspiring story about true love that knows no boundaries and can overcome any obstacle. It also explores themes such as family values, social class, and the importance of following your heart.

Ishq Murshid Drama cast

Bilal Abbas KhanShahmeer Sikandar and Fazal Bakhsh
Dur-e-Fishan SaleemShibra Salman
Omair RanaShahmeer’s father- Dawood
Zarmeena IkramFarah
Hira TareenMehreen
Samiya MumtazZubaida Sikandar
Salma HassanSafia
Shabbir JanFaraz’s father
Noor ul HassanSalman
Rabia NoreenNargis
Sajjad PaulZohaib
Srha AsgharMaliha

Ishq Murshid Drama Timing

Ishq Murshid airs on Hum TV every Sunday at 8:00 PM PKT. That’s Pakistan Standard Time, in case you’re wondering.

If you’re in a different time zone, you can use a time zone converter to figure out when the drama airs in your local time.

You can also watch the drama online on Hum TV’s website or on YouTube.