Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names

Updated 2023: Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names (English, Urdu, Arabic)

In a world where tradition meets innovation, naming a newborn is a big deal for Muslim families. It’s not just about choosing a name; it’s about choosing a name that reflects their culture, faith, and hopes for their child.

Muslim names are a blend of history, religion, and cultural diversity. They often carry profound meanings, such as “Muhammad” (highly praised) or “Ali” (exalted).

Here is the list of Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names

NameEnglish MeaningUrdu MeaningArabic Meaning
AabirFragrant, sweet-smellingعبیرعبير
AahilPrince, rulerاہلآہل
AadiFirst, originalآدیأَدِي
AadarshIdeal, perfectآدرشআদর্শ
AadityaSun, son of the sun godآدیتیاآدیتیا
AamirProsperous, wealthyامیرأمير
AarushRising sunآروشأَرَوْش
AayanReward from Godآیانأيان
AayushLong lifeآؤشعائش
AbaanName of the Angel of Ironعابَانعَبَان
AbeerFragrant, sweet-smellingعبیرعبير
AbrarPious, righteousابرارأبرار
AdhamSettler, inhabitantآدھمأَدْهَم
AdilJust, fairعادلعادل
AfaanModest, humbleآفانأفَان
AfaqHorizon, skylineآفاقآفاق
AfranGenerous, kindافرنأَفْرَان
AhadOne, uniqueاحدأَحَد
AhmedPraiseworthy, one who is constantly praisedاحمدأحمد
AhsanBetter, more excellentاحسانإحسان
AilaanDeclaration, announcementاعلانإعلان
AjabWonderful, amazingعجیبعجيب
AjazStrong, powerfulعجیزعَجِیز
AkramGenerous, kindاکرمأَكْرَم
AlaaLoftiness, excellenceعالیعَلَی
AlaanDeclaration, announcementاعلانإعلان
AmaarEverlasting, long-lastingعامرعامر
AmaanPeace, securityامانأمان
AmirPrince, rulerامیرأمير
AnasFriend, companionانسأنس
AnwarLight, brightnessانوارأنوار
AqeelIntelligent, wiseعاقلعاقل
AreebFamiliar, acquaintedقریبقريب
ArmaanDesire, wishارمغانارمغان
AryanNoble, heroicآریانآریان
AyaanReward from Godایانإیان
AzeemGreat, mightyعظیمعظیم
BadrFull moonبدربدر
BasitVast, spacious, one who stretches, enlargesبسیطبسيط
BilalTall, dark-complexionedبلالبلال
BurhanProof, evidenceبرهانبرهان
DanishKnowledge, wisdomدانشدانش
FaizanGift, bountyفیضانفیضان
FaizanullahGift of Allahفیض اللہفیض اللہ
FarhanJoyful, happyفرحانفرحان
FaizBlessing, favorفیضفیض
FarazLofty, highفرازفراز
FarhanJoyful, happyفرحانفرحان
FaizanBlessing, favorفیضفیض
GibranStrong, mightyجبرانجبران
HassanGood, beautifulحسنحسن
IbraheemFather of many nationsابراہیمابراہیم
IrfanKnowledge, wisdomعرفانعرفان
IhsanKindness, benevolenceاحساناحسان
IkramHonor, respectاِکراماِکرام

There are so many beautiful and modern Muslim baby boy names out there, it can be hard to choose just one! The options are always changing, so you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one.