(Zero Markup) Honda CD 70 Installments Plan with Silk Bank

(Zero Markup) Honda CD 70 Installments Plan with Silk Bank

The iconic Honda CD 70 motorcycle is known for its durability, fuel efficiency, and simple design. Despite a few changes over time, Atlas Honda Limited has been assembling it in Pakistan for decades and it is still one of the top-selling motorcycles in Pakistan. The bike is famous for its reliability, fuel efficiency, affordability, parts availability, and strong brand identity. The motorbike’s price has increased, but it remains a popular choice for many Pakistani motorists.

Honda CD 70 Installment Plans

DurationLeasing Plans
3 MonthsRs55,150
6 MonthsRs27,500
9 MonthsRs18,380
12 MonthsRs13,800
Let it be known that the buyer will have to pay a 2.5 percent handling fee and FED will also be charged.

As the local currency lost a lot of value, the price of a Honda CD 70 went up. Now, Pakistanis are looking for easy payment plans to buy a new bike or improve the one they already have.

Atlas Honda Limited (AHL), the company that makes the most popular bikes, recently revealed a payment plan with no interest for its bikes, including the Honda CD 70.

Several banks, including Silk Bank, offer the zero percent charge plan, which lets users get bikes without having to pay extra.