Hadsa Drama OST Lyrics by Yashal Shahid

Hadsa Drama OST Lyrics by Yashal Shahid (Urdu, English)

In the drama Hadsa, Taskeen is the subject of a horrible crime. She and her family were driving on a highway when she was attacked and raped. This event broke her world apart and left her with physical and mental pain.

Shehryar, Taskeen’s husband, wants to help her get better, but she has trouble trusting him or anyone else. She stops spending time with her family and friends and is filled with self-doubt and anger.

Taskeen has a hard time making sense of what happened to her. She also has to deal with being watched and judged by the public. She is being bothered by the news media and accused of making up her story.

Hadsa is a strong and moving story about how rape hurts and how hard it is to get better. It tells us that rape is not just an attack on a woman’s body, but also an attack on her sense of self and her right to be safe.

Here are the lyrics to the song in Urdu:

کیا ہوا؟ کیا ہوا؟

میں اپنا یقین کھو چکی ہوں میں اپنی آزادی کھو چکی ہوں میں اپنی عزت کھو چکی ہوں میں اپنی زندگی کھو چکی ہوں

مجھے لگتا ہے میں مر چکی ہوں

مجھے غصہ ہے مجھے نفرت ہے مجھے بدلہ چاہیے

لیکن پھر بھی، میں امید کرتی ہوں

میں اپنے آپ کو دوبارہ تعمیر کروں گی میں اپنی زندگی واپس لے لوں گی میں اپنی آواز کو بلند کروں گی میں ایک تبدیلی لاؤں گی

here is the translation of the song into English:

What happened? What happened?

I have lost my faith I have lost my freedom I have lost my dignity I have lost my life

I feel like I am dead

I am angry I hate I want revenge

But still, I hope

I will rebuild myself I will take back my life I will raise my voice I will bring a change