How to Know if Your Mobile Phone is PTA Approved (Check with IMEI)

Many people in Pakistan use imported phones. These phones usually get locked after two months, and you need to pay taxes to get them unlocked. This is because the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocks them from using cellular networks in the country.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to check if your phone has been approved by the PTA using its IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique identifier for every mobile phone. You can find it by dialing *#06# on your phone.


You might be wondering what DIRBS is. It stands for Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System. The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) introduced DIRBS to help people verify the authenticity of mobile devices. It’s also known as the PTA Device Verification System (DVS).

You can check the PTA approval status of your mobile device using the DIRBS IMEI check. There are a few different ways to do this:

How to Check PTA Approval

  1. PTA IMEI Check – Code

Dialing the code is the best way to check the information. The official PTA code to find out if your phone is accepted is 8484. Send your IMEI number to 8484, and you will be told within a few minutes. The message will let you know if your cell phone is verified or not.

  1. PTA IMEI Check – Website

You can use PTA’s website if you are at work and want to get work done on a desktop computer. You need to go to PTA’s main website. Look for “Check the status of your device” on the page and type in your phone’s IMEI number. It will give you the data quickly and tell you if your phone is approved by the PTA or not.

To get this information from a website, it is best to use a PC or laptop. Use the PTA app if you want to get things done on your phone.

  1. PTA IMEI Check – Mobile Application  

Yes! You can also use a phone app to see if a phone is approved. It’s as easy as going for a walk. The PTA Device Verification System (DVS) app must be downloaded. Enter your IMEI number into the app, and it will tell you everything you need to know. You can also get the IMEI number from the app if you don’t want to type it. The app store doesn’t charge anything for the game.

Method to Check PTA TAX Online



A lot of people spend money on cell phones and love to carry around the most expensive ones. So, it’s very important to make sure the phone you want to buy has been accepted by the PTA. The process is easy, and we hope you’ve got it all down pat. So, make sure you get a phone that is okay with the PTA to avoid trouble.

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